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Buff Bones®

All too often I hear, “I have osteoporosis. I’m afraid to move.” Fear of injury is real, and exercising with osteoporosis comes with many contraindications and cautions. It should not, however, keep you from living a healthy, movement-filled life.

Buff Bones® is a medically-endorsed, full body workout for bone strengthening and balance. It integrates Pilates, strength training, functional movement and rehabilitative exercise to improve the health and longevity of your bones and joints. It’s adaptable to varying levels and is safe for those with osteoporosis.

Look at what participants say about Buff Bones® :

When I started with Janis in 2012, I came in shuffling and bent over. Afraid to move. The doctor kept insisting I take drugs to slow the loss of density. Unfortunately, one also caused heart and blood pressure problems. After working privately with Janis for a year, my T-scores (bone density measurements) were up, I was standing tall and walking with confidence. I even joined a group class! And I never did take the drugs.” KC - Texas


For in-depth information on Buff Bones® , just follow this link

When the doctor said I had osteopenia, I thought I had to be careful moving. It got so I was becoming afraid to move. Thank goodness Buff Bones came along. Now I know what will keep me balanced and strong. Especially, how not to get cricks in my neck when exercising!” JR - Texas

My T-scores have improved! No longer osteopenia. Cheers!”  J - Allen

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