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How often have you heard, "You're as young as you think/feel"? One's state of mind is powerful weapon. And, yes, it does help to feel physically able to move. Do you catch yourself saying things like,” I don’t understand. I used to be able to do that.” Or, “I love to dance but I hurt too much later.” Or, “Don’t ask me to get down on the floor. I’m not sure I can get back up.”

Those aches and pains can't and should not always be dismissed.However, you don't need to settle back and do nothing. You need to be in motion. Pilates is just what the doctor might order. 

From low impact to high, Pilates engages the mind and body. You will be surprised at the number of tiny muscles you will find. You will appreciate all the hours of training dancers and other athletes go through. You could improve a golf or tennis swing, start to enjoy walks, get up and down from a chair easier, experience a sense of well-being. Don’t you think your quality of life is worth it?

"I want to be just like Janis when I get older. She has so much energy and mobility." D, Texas

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