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Joseph Pilates developed his revolutionary exercise method to rehabilitate himself from an illness. From there, he was asked to create programs for everyone from the military to major ballet companies. Since then, people from all walks of life, not just dancers and athletes, have been benefiting from his research and creativity. 

It is no secret Pilates can change the way you think and feel about your body. Pilates is geared to you, wherever you are in your life. You will re-educate your muscles to strengthen your bones and sense of well-being. You will learn the efficient way of using the muscles to increase or maintain mobility.

“I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your classes. I love the individual attention you give to everyone and also the way you pay attention to each person so they are doing the certain position the correct way for their body. That is so important!   Thank you for helping me have a better and healthier body and bones!” M, Fairview


Everything worth doing begins with the first step. With Janis the first step is private sessions. Private sessions allow you to become aware of what your body is capable of achieving. You may be recovering from an injury, change in life circumstances, or just wanting to get back in touch with some forgotten muscles. Mat work is the basis of Pilates and equipment is utilized when appropriate.

Semi-privates and small group classes are also possible. Sessions run 55 minutes and are geared to you. The time is for you and the rest of the world takes a back seat. Your life in motion is worth it.

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